It’s Not the Time. It’s the Money.

I travel.  It’s what I do when I have the time, and money.  Let me rephrase that – when I have the money.  Time I have, the money part of the equation….that takes some serious tinkering with finances, and promises of a more rewarding future if I leave those shoes on the rack, instead of in a shopping bag.
For years I was self-employed with no real vacation time, and my “travels” were limited to long weekend jaunts to Toronto or Montreal, with the occasional road trip to Nova Scotia thrown in.  About three years ago I decided to say “screw it” and I booked a flight to Iceland.
Fortunately, the story doesn’t end there.  Shortly after buying my ticket, and signing up to run a 10K race, a friend and I decided to take a car and drive to Chicago for a 4 day weekend. 
That 4 day weekend turn into a 10 day Americana road trip, with stops in Buffalo, Cleveland, Chicago, Milwaukee, and Madison.  A mere week after returning home, I was off again to Reykjavik, and a whole new world of adventures.
There’s been no stopping me since, and in the past three years I’ve logged trips to Peru, Belgium (with add-ons of Paris, Luxembourg, Rotterdam and Barcelona), Hawaii and Newfoundland.  This Christmas, I’m hitting either Costa Rica, or Panama.  And next summer?  Next summer I’m climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.
This blog is (hopefully) going to be a combination of my planning, and my trips.  I’ll give you the companies I found, the companies I ultimately decided to go with (and why), and any lessons learned along the way.

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