Cue the nerves in three…..two….one

That’s it – day of departure.  Time to blow this popsicle stand of a city, and catch a flight out.  I’ve got my bags pack and I’m ready to go (note to self: Play “Leaving On A Jet Plane”).

I’ve got two bags of checked luggage (Ethiopian Airlines is not on the one bag only rule, thank goodness) and I’m probably straining the credibility of carry-on (I’ve got one carry on bag.  I’ve also got a purse and a camera, which are supposed to be allowed on top of the carry-on bag.)

The current plan is to mail home the remnants of clothing from my Kili climb – the fleeces (minus one fleece top, which will be my sweater for the cooler days and nights on the rest of my trip), the gaiters, the heavier weight socks, and the wicking base-layers.  And since the Kili climb is at the beginning, all the energy bars and snacks (trail mix, energy chews, granola bars) will be mostly gone as well, freeing up even more space.  I’m hoping to be down to one bag by the time I fly to Rwanda.

I’ll update when I can.  I hear internet can be spotty at best in some of the places I’m hitting.


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