Guest Bloggers (and Big Blog Exchange)

So with my recent trip being to Iceland, I did some research into things to do in and around Reykjavik (I love to do research.  I love scoring the ‘net for cool and interesting things to do and see, off the beaten path).  All this research led me to “I Heart Reykjavik” – a very comprehensive guide of things to do, see, eat, stay, etc. in Reykjavik.  It’s a wonderful blog if you’re thinking of visiting Iceland, it’s very resourceful, easy to read, and easy to navigate.


I follow the author on Twitter as well, thinking that that way I would know if/when she added something new to her blog, so I could check it out for any other helpful hints.  Currently, she is participating in “The Big Blog Exchange” – a competition run by Hostelling International, where readers voted for blosg, and the top 16 authors exchange blogs, and cities!, for 10 days.  They then write their thoughts, activities, impressions and ideas in the other person’s blog.

I think it’s a really cool idea.  And it got me thinking, of doing guest bloggers here.  I (unfortunately, alas) will never be able to visit all the places in this world (no matter how much I wish that were otherwise) so why not give someone else an outlet, to share their experiences? 

So in the next little bit, my friend Jessi will be a guest blogger, on her trip out west to Alberta.  My first guest blogger!  I’m pretty stoked.

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